about us / how it all began

Founders Frank & Peter

In the mid 1980’s,  two young entrepreneurs crossed paths in South Florida. One was from Utica, NY and the other from Ontario, Canada. They worked together for a while under the formal framework of a franchise donut company.

They longed for the day when they could branch out on their own and create a concept they would be in complete control of.

Our Orignal Logo 1995

 After 10 years of working under a franchise banner and being restricted to selling just coffee & donuts, the opportunity to create a new type of shop was realized. The Dandee Donut Factory was founded in 1995 by partners/friends Frank Pucine & Peter Spyredes. They converted the once franchised locations to their new concept, down came the franchise signs and up sprang The Dandee Donut Factory.

 No more were they restricted to only coffee & donuts, now both locations featured fresh made to order breakfast and lunch sandwiches, homemade soups and pastries. There were new exciting donut varieties, muffins, NY style bagels and of course their custom blended Dandee Donut Coffee ( Now available in the Hollywood Location only) By 1997 the guys sold their stores and took a brief hiatus from the donut business.

Frank & Laura, Peter & Joanne W/ Mobile Mike

Needless to say that didn't last long because by December of 2000 Peter & Joanne were back in their original store in Pompano Beach, Florida. And by August of 2001 Frank and Laura opened  the first Dandee Donut Factory in Hollywood, Florida.

Since then, the Dandee Donut Factory locations have become “the” destination for quality food, service and value. The menus expanded to include full breakfast & lunch items, pizza (Hollywood location), homemade Spanakopita (Feta & Spinach Pie) and much more. More selection for every hour of the day!

Each location is unique in appearance and atmosphere making them a favorite destination for both locals and tourists. Come by and experience for yourself The Dandee Donut Factory! We are an owner operated store. If you do not have an enjoyable dining experience, please ask to speak to one of the owners Frank & Laura 

Each Store Independently Owned & Operated