Dandee donuts In the news


By Stephen Brown

The Homer Simpson’s of South Florida have let their doughnut-crumbed voices be heard. The winner of Palm Beach’s favorite doughnut won by a landslide, and, as it turns out, is not a Palm Beacher at all. The Pompano Beach institution, Dandee Donut Factory, came into the mix like a cream-filled ninja, wielding bear claw nunchucks, and took no prisoners in its utter dominance over the competition.

Dandee Donut Factory has been in the capable hands of Peter Spyredes for nearly three decades. First starting at the shop in 1986 under a franchise tag, Spyredes and partner Franck Pucine  (who runs the Hollywood location) bought the shop outright in 1995, allowing them to go beyond the tight franchise confines of just doughnuts and coffee while still maintaining the same standards that made them such a popular neighborhood doughnut shop in the first place.

Dandee is a throwback to how things used to be done, when DeSoto’s and Studebakers were still seen rambling down thoroughfares. Made with the freshest quality ingredients, the dough is hand kneaded and the doughnuts are baked fresh daily. “It is a dying art,” says Spyredes, who runs the Pompano location with his wife Joanne. “Everything is preprocessed now. We do everything on premise here, daily, trying the make only what we need. If we have stuff left at the end of the day, we get rid of it.”

   Using the same recipe developed three decades earlier, Dandee’s doughnuts have developed a loyal following that has grown accustomed to the old ways of doing things, but still open to the new. The Dandee Donut is still a classic, glazed and topped with doughnut crumbs, while newbies like the Key Lime and Maple bacon doughnuts give regulars a reason to check in often to see what’s new on docket. The menu is constantly changing, spurred by changing flavors of the market, seasonal sentiments, and input from the customers. “Our customers have a huge impact on what we are making,” says Spyredes. “If they have an idea and it sounds good, why not give it a try?”

   Though mainly known for their doughnuts, over time the doughnut and coffee shop has morphed into a one-stop shop for breakfast and lunch, offering a full menu for both, 24/7. “We have evolved, changed with the times,” says Spyredes. “It is important to keep things fresh.

ItS a miracle! No donuts were crashed

Almost Had a Drive-Thru 4-24-2010

 It was  4:00AM when a sudden crave for doughnuts lead 3 young ladies to crash their parent's car few inches from Dandee Donuts of Hollywood Fl.   Thank God, no humans were harmed seriously and no donuts were crashed.  It was a miracle!