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Mike | UrbanSpoon
Where do you even start with Dandee Donuts? The owners, Frank and Laura, are two of the nicest people in Hollywood, the food is awesome (get the steak n egg philly sandwich thing in the morning, holy awesome, that thing is amazing), the pepper n eggs sandwich on a croissant, whatever you get, it’s on point and it will totally satisfy you!

 Also awesome: every single donut/pastry in the store, and the empanadas are even a perfect little snack. The coffee is on point, everything. If you don’t like Dandee Donuts, you’re unamerican. Just kidding. Not really.


The Must-Get Donut: The Dandee, a glazed donut topped with cake crumbles.
The problem with most donuts is that eating just one as a meal makes you feel like Kate Moss, but eating two leaves you feeling like Augustus Gloop. This Hollywood shop has perfect meal-sized donuts, plus hot dogs and pizza if you feel like being a silly nincompoop.

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Mopar2 | Urban Spoon
The coffee is better than Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts combined. The absolute best! You must try the homemade soup.

KC | Urban Spoon
The fresh, handmade donuts are to die for, and I know I’m gushing here, but Dandee Donut Factory is truly a gem, and must be on your itinerary when visiting Hollywood, Florida.

We are from Indianapolis and we just had the most delightful time in our visit to Hollywood Florida at the Dandee Donut Factory. They adopted us, and couldn’t make us feel more welcome. Sherri, who lived in Greece for a while, spoke to her in Greek, and these two literally hit it right off. They offer a delicious breakfast, and the coffee is excellent. So much so that we left with two pounds of it. The atmosphere was casual, warm and the regs, the “breakfast clubbers” and the volume of traffic told us this is a very popular place.

PoutyFace | CitySearch
The BEST Hollywood Eatery: I find that the service, quality, location and prices at this solitary gem nestled in Hollywood, Florida make it one of its most notable restaurants in town.

It seems no matter the time of day or night I venture to Dandee, the donuts are always incredibly fresh. It can be overwhelming trying to decide amongst the grand variety of offerings. One may find overindulgence inescapable… The quality and taste of this independent donut shop’s baked goods is incomparable to the more familiar Dunkin Donuts franchise. What I love best and find most remarkable, would be the menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily. Their heartier fare likewise puts the biggest 24 franchises to shame. Should you find yourself hungry for a more substantial meal, it will be just as delicious and satisfying as the Donuts they are known for.

Indie doughnut shops offer hand-grafted goodnessMojo Donuts, Croissant'licious, Dandee Donut Factory are alternatives to the morning routine.

If you want to talk old fashioned, forget Krispy Kreme. Frank Pucine and Peter Spyredes have been making Dandee doughnuts since the mid-1990s, but the vibe at both locations would suggest they've been in business longer.

Forty-eight doughnut varieties, breakfast sandwiches and omelets, hot dogs and pizza add to the diner feel. Regulars in trucker hats populate the coffee bar and the doughnuts are made by hand every morning.

Single doughnuts start at $1.29. Open 24 hours in Pompano Beach and 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily in Hollywood.

Our pick: Sour cream, a creamy cake doughnut served with crispy, sugar-dusted edges.
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